Digital Registry

Reliable and fast access to distributed reference and master data in dynamic application landscapes.

Digitalization Requires Better Reference and Master Data Management

The fundamental basis for every successful enterprise data strategy is effective and efficient reference master data management as a supporting function for business applications. It allows decision-makers to bridge existing silos, integrate data at enterprise scale and speed up innovation and value creation in business processes.

The problem is that most companies have failed to establish corporate wide adoption even of the most critical master data. The reason for this lies in the approach to manage master data from centralized sources which simply does not scale with the increasingly dynamic data and application landscape.

Accurids is a data registry that provides reliable access to reference and master data from distributed sources. It integrates with the existing master data systems as well as with your semantic data management platforms. This enables you to combine domain expertise from across your enterprise and fuel contextualized enterprise knowledge graphs.

What is Your Biggest Reference and Master Data Dilemma?

Legacy Systems

You have many legacy applications that are difficult or expensive to change. You see no way to clean this up or migrate or connect them with your central MDM system.

Accurids is minimally invasive for legacy systems. Our simple registration mechanism provides transparency and allows you to create synergies across integration & mapping efforts.

Failed Standardization

Your standardization efforts show limited success in your organization. Adoption lags behind because the business has non-standard requirements.

Accurids allows you to define business-specific perspectives on standardized data. We work on making this a self-service capability.

Changing IT-Landscape

Your governance cannot scale with the rapidly changing application landscape and the increasing number of interfaces with external organizations.

Accurids allows you to include reference and master data from many sources. Instead of attempting to create a golden record for everything up-front, you map as-needed.

Outdated Technology

Your technology stack is outdated, expensive regarding maintenance and painful to work with. You have trouble getting your MDM into the cloud.

Accurids is a cloud-first solution and comes with a modern technology stack which is efficient and fun to work with.

Get 3 Things Right to Make Data Ready for Use


1. Persistent Identifiers

Accurids automatically provides persistent identifiers for all reference and master data that is relevant for you. This provides long-lasting references to your data assets. Learn more

2. Contextual Mappings

Accurids allows you to match reference and master entities based on their metadata. We work on contextual mappings that allow you to go for quantity and quality at the same time.

3. Business Perspectives

Accurids allows you to define business-specific perspectives on reference and master data, so that standards are useful and gain broad adoption.

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