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Global Material Identifier

Business users want to have a single point to look up materials. Due to acquisitions and continuous reorganizations there are several systems which create material identifiers. Past attempts to create a central master data system for materials were not successful. The materials in the different systems are partially overlapping.

Accurids lets the creation and governance of the existing systems go untouched and only registers all materials under a common type material with additional persistent identifiers. Consumers can now go to Accurids and look up materials by source system identifiers or persistent identifiers that are stable in the long term. Additionally, materials from different sources are mapped and thus consolidated over time in a use-case driven manner.


Data Classification

For a data scientist working with large amounts of data, the automation of data integration and analytics pipelines is critical. A typical task is the automated classification or categorization of data elements. For instance, a task could be the classification of data elements into disease, gene, substance, location, device etc. Standard natural language processing pipelines and machine learning tools are used for this purpose.

The role of Accurids is to provide context and semantic types for identifiers and terms. This leads to an increased precision due to better disambiguation capabilities of annotation pipelines. A rich synonym repository allows to increase recall at the same time.

Content Harmonization

Analytics and reporting use-cases require that content is harmonized. For instance a sales report needs to harmonize references to countries so that data can be correctly aggregated. In this harmonization different spelling variants and ISO codes (USA, United States, U.S., 840 …) are reconciled to one reference entity.

Accurids is the place where all used identifiers and terms are linked to preferred reference entities so that large parts of data harmonization can be automated.

Resolvable Identifiers

In large organizations a common problem is to get access to reference and master data. Even though most of the corresponding data has no access restrictions, technical heterogeneity or the absence of basic interfaces prevent usage and adoption.

Accurids provides a configurable PURL service which allows to get access to reference and master data with standard HTTPS requests respecting security settings. The resolution mechanism allows to combine metadata and supplementary information automatically. For instance metadata of a substances plus an ad-hoc rendering of the corresponding chemical structure.

More use-cases to follow…


A public documentation is available at Additionally, the APIs and best practices for integration within existing application landscape are provided for customers.