Build for Scale

Simple, robust and focused on automation.

Accurids is a reference and master data hub which provides reliability for your business applications.

Key aspects of our approach are described below.


Reference Master Data Hub

Harmonize access and keep the management distributed

Accurids is a hub that keeps the management of your reference master data distributed across the many existing internal and external master sources for different domains. The hub serves as a API wrapper for your (legacy) master data sources and provides a harmonized interface for consuming applications. This keeps flexibility high and speeds up adoption since you don’t have to migrate everything before using it. Register your existing systems and relevant external sources at the hub, so that consuming applications can focus on content without struggling with technology and format diversity.

Persistent Identifiers

Separate identification from location or application context

Reference and master data are a corporate asset with a life-cycle that is much longer than any particular master data system. A persistent identifier (PID) is a long-lasting reference to a digital resource which allows you to decouple identification of master entities from where they are managed. Accurids configurable and standards-based resolution mechanism guarantees that metadata can be resolved as long as you need without the need to migrate their management. This allows you to exchange data effectively – internally and across organizational boundaries. Learn more



Track changes and control distribution

Accurids keeps the version history for all relevant reference and master data. This allows you to track changes, and understand their impact on business applications and control distribution. This is especially useful for external sources where your organization has no direct control. Versioning is especially important in regulated industries.


Re-gain oversight about quantity and quality.

Reports provide an overview of the data in Accurids regarding content, quality, usage and corresponding changes. The corresponding information is presented for the whole repository as well as on the domain or individual dataset level.



Business Perspectives

Create customized views on standardized data

Business users often have very specific requirements on how data is presented in applications for effective support of business processes. For instance grouping of countries to business-specific regions are needed for product registration. We work on a self-service approach to create corresponding business views on top of standardized reference and master data to increase master data adoption in business applications. This allows us to capture improved data quality and standards-conformance from the source.


Combine quantity and quality with contextual mappings

The world is immensely complex. Picture perfect, all-agreed data mappings are not always possible. What is regarded as the same and what as different is a question of perspective. We utilize graph clustering techniques and contextualize mappings to avoid a forced standardization and make sure your business processes are not slowed down.



Add business knowledge with cross-domain relationships

The main functionality of master data systems is to guarantee an updated golden record of entities: Your inventory has records for all your equipment, another system stores methods or experiment types. In Accurids you can link these domains to express which equipment can be used to for which experiments. These links are maintained separately from the domain modules to maximize reusability.

Cloud-based Scalability

Increase lookup performance for your master data

Accurids nodes are used to scale with number of parallel requests and size of the stored data. Our super fast and robust lookup service ensures that you have a solid and robust foundation for your integrated application landscape.


Personalized Search

Business adoption requires a personal user-experience

Accurids utilizes state of the art UI technologies and keeps the search history and display preferences of users. Elegant filter mechanisms are used to find data efficiently.

Modern Technology Stack

Accurids is built on a state-of-the-art technology stack, including GraphQL, Elasticsearch, Apache TDB, Material Design and more. This brings great performance and usability for data scientists, business users, developers, and admins.



Accurids allows you to switch between internal and cloud-based security such as Azure AD or Amazon Cognito.

Cross-Organizational Collaboration

In today’s industry strong collaboration across organizational boundaries is critical for success. The information exchange across boundaries is however very limited and costly because of security considerations and lack of reference standards. You can take the first step and share selected parts of your non-restricted reference and master data with your data suppliers and/or consumers to significantly lower costs of information exchange. Additionally you can easily integrate a map reference data from your collaborators to allow scalable integration processes.