About Us

We believe that there are simple answers for simple questions.

In February 2019 we founded Accurids to build a digital registry that makes data ready to provide answers.

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Our Story

Our customers understand that reference and master data management is key for digitalization. Scalable data integration requires a common understanding of terms and identifiers from different sources. We have many years of experience in working with large enterprises in the area of reference and master data management. We help our customers to formulate requirements, build solutions and then roll-out and operationalize them.

In our work we found that:

  • Top-down standardization has limited success and for many relevant data domains there will not be the one master system where everything is created and managed. Instead, there is a need for management of master data in distributed sources.
  • Complex semantics leads to a low adoption rate from business applications.
  • Using reference and master data must be simple and possible for everybody without specific training.

Get the Basics Right

We realized that for wide adoption we need to get the basics right:

  1. Digital Registry: Automated creation of persistent identifiers for data from distributed sources provides long-term reliability and a harmonized mechanism to lookup of identifiers and terms by users and through interfaces.
  2. Mappings: Contextual similarity of reference and master entities from different sources.
  3. Perspectives: Each of your business unit has a unique perspective on ‘the golden records’. Creation of these perspectives needs to be a self-service functionality to gain broad adoption.

Our Vision

Cross-organizational collaboration is increasing and requires a shared understanding of data. For any term or identifier used, the very simple questions “What is this?” needs to be accurately answered. This will create a shared understanding of data across organization.

Our vision is to build a digital registry as an infrastructure which allows to reuse, link and share Reference and Master Data across organizational boundaries.

Early Adopters

Accurids has a strong customer orientation and fills gaps in the existing tool landscape. We build Accurids in co-developed and close collaboration with customers to ensure that enterprise requirements are met. As a digital registry, the intent of Accurids is to integrate with existing tools in area of reference and master data as well as ontology management.

Benefits of Working with Us

We have many years of experience and create a product which fills real gaps in the existing tool landscape.

  • Accurids is a minimal invasive registry: instead of creating another master system, Accurids provides a wrapper API for existing systems.
  • We are curious to understand your needs and help you to reuse and link your existing reference and master data
  • We utilize a modern technology stack
  • You can try it out with a free test license
  • Our tool is young and you can take influence on the next steps through co-development. This allows you to reach your goals faster and to a lower cost than if you would build it on your own.

Our Culture

We build Accurids for you to become faster, better and cheaper in what you are doing. We believe in transparency and long-term trust in our collaboration with customers.

  • The value of Accurids is determined by our customers
  • Keep it simple: We value scalability over features
  • Teams and collaboration change the status quo

Our Team

The Accurids team is located in Florida (USA), Aachen (Germany) and Dalian (China) and covers a broad range of technical expertise and domain knowledge in life-sciences.